The Physicist’s Failed Attempt to Disappear Into the Invisibility of Wind and Sound


wind controlled video projection and sound sculpture

from essay by Ken Allan (Art Historian):

“Fredrickson took advantage of the fact that Lethbridge is one of the windiest cities in Canada to produce a wind-dependent technologically complex work entitled The Physicist’s Failed Attempt to Disappear into the Invisibility of Wind and Sound. In a short digital projection sequence borrowed and re-animated from a science demonstration video, a scientist wields a corrugated plastic tube over his head like a lasso. The projected speed of the scientist’s action is determined by an anemometer (wind sensor) mounted on the gallery’s roof. As outside wind speed increases or decreases, electric pulses from the sensor cause the physicist and whirling tube to do the same. If wind speed increased exponentially, the figure would disappear momentarily in a blur. Within the projection’s illuminated rectangle, a wall-mounted container holds a collection of electro-acoustic instruments made from microscopes and drilled DVDs. Headsets permit the audience to listen to the devices’ recordings which are activated in quantity and pitch in proportion to local wind speed. Fredrickson allows environmental conditions to function as a co-producer of the work.”

photo credits: David Miller and Petra Mala Miller

produced in 2007

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