excerpt of audio/video

Collaboration with Billy McCarroll and Glen MacKinnon

 “Making their debut appearance in On Your Marks [2010 SAAG Exhibition], E,W, + F is a multi-generational collaborative group formed to convey messages of universal love and harmony without force-feeding viewers’ spiritual content.  E (Denton Fredrickson and Glen MacKinnon) removes Earth to produce a hole in the center of Alberta. W (Billy McCarroll and Denton Fredrickson) exhales Wind through their nostrils into noseflutes.  F (Glen MacKinnon and Billy McCarroll) mows lawns with the assistance of Fire.

Exploiting all the varied permutations of the group and its synthesis, E,W, + F have documented these uncommon acts to produced an exquisite corpse video and chance sound composition outlining possible approaches to experimentation, mind expansion, and cosmic awareness.”

produced in 2010

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