Energy and Matter

collaboration with Glen MacKinnon

from sciencefictionsciencefair catalogue essay, written by Corinna Ghaznavi (curator):

“Fredrickson’s Energy and Matter (Recently Human Engineered), made in collaboration with Glen MacKinnon, draws us towards it through scale, light and vibration. Again using building materials such that the insulation is visible, and exposing the interior which shows a jumble of wires lit by fluorescent tubes, the piano is both instrument and model, stripped down to expose what is generally hidden by clean surfaces and pristine casings. The use of acoustic insulation and drop-down ceiling acoustic tiles references architecture and enables sound to resonate as crisscrossed strings hum to the frequency of fluorescent lights. The piano is both model and monument, it’s striking beauty stripped bare calls for us to make aesthetic considerations while refusing traditional categories. The resonating vibrations, the bright lights and the exposed wires signal energy but while clearly revealing its source, remain quiet and subtle. The effect of sci-fi is pared down to a quiet and perfect model reflecting sound and space without sensationalizing it.”

produced in 2007

sciencefictionsciencefair catalogue (external link)

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