Aeolian Aviary

Collaboration with Catherine Ross

from University of Lethbridge News:

“An idea that was roughly drafted on a napkin has evolved into the latest addition to the City of Lethbridge Public Art Collection.

Aeolian Aviary, a collaborative installation by U of L alumni and art professor Denton Fredrickson and Art Studio facility manager Catherine Ross, was recently unveiled in its permanent location on the east side of the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG).

Fredrickson and Ross were awarded the public art commission following a competition that attracted 40 international submissions. The selection committee consisted of representatives from Allied Arts Council, SAAG, a community member, an artist and a technical expert.

Aeolian Aviary¬†combines the acoustic resonance of 16 wind and light-sensitive string instruments with the dynamic emergence of 67 bronze birds.”

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