Click on the underlined title of each work for more images and information.



sample#bird study – collaboration with Daniela Rosa



Marvels of the Ages Calling Forth Lost Spirits of Information  – Collaboration with Robyn Moody



Data Visualization/Physicalization Lab (external link)



RHE (Recently Human Engineered)  – collaborations with Glen MacKinnon



Zombie Taxa, Deckle, Experiments in the Subaudible Landscape, Instruments of Removal – collaborations with John Granzow



The Field Notes Collective (external link)



Aeolian Aviary – Collaboration with Catherine Ross



New Media Intersections Project  (external link)



E,W,+F – Collaboration with Billy McCarroll and Glen MacKinnon



Canadia: Land of Myths and Media Collaboration with Brian McKennaRobyn Moody, and Kinga Kielczynska



The Terrarium Project – Collaboration with Crystal MowryPanya Clark Espinal, Andrew Hunter, Rebecca Duclos and David K. Ross, Gail Singer, and Eric Roesler.



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